Visit Your Pleasantville Periodontal Specialist, Kenneth Legunn, DMD

Healthy gums are a critical part of a strong and healthy smile. But for many Americans suffering from the effects of gum disease, achieving a healthy smile is a hard thing to do. For dental patients with puffy and bleeding gums, loose teeth, and poor soft tissue health, Dr. Kenneth Legunn offers periodontal therapy and gum disease treatment in Pleasantville, NY.

Conservative, Non-Surgical Gum Treatment

Left unchecked, the effects of gum disease can cause serious problems, such as gum recession and bone loss. Dr. Legunn helps patients keep their own natural teeth and Pleasantville-Periodontal-Specialist-10570repairs the effects of periodontitis with non-invasive gum treatment, whenever possible.

We offer periodontal root scaling and planing – a non-surgical deep cleaning treatment that targets the area below the gum line and removes build-up of harmful bacteria that causes gum disease. Root scaling and planning is often the best first step in improving periodontal health and managing symptoms of gum disease.

Before moving forward with treatment, Dr. Legunn completes a comprehensive oral health exam, takes x-rays, and designs a treatment plan with solutions that work for you. Many times, treatment can be completed non-surgically, which is part of Dr. Legunn’s conservative treatment focus; we don’t recommend procedures that you don’t need or that are unnecessarily invasive.

Surgical Gum Therapy Options

For more advanced cases of gum disease and bone loss, periodontal surgery may be indicated -- especially when gums begin to pull away from teeth, or bone density begins to diminish. Our Pleasantville periodontal office’s gum treatments include surgical care, such as:

• Bone grafting
• Soft tissue grafting
• Ridge modification
• Sinus lifts

These surgical therapies help improve the quality of supportive structures (gum tissue and bone). Dr. Legunn can correct damage caused by periodontal disease by building up supportive tissue with gum grafts, or encouraging the formation of healthy, dense bone with sinus augmentation and ridge modifications.

Questions about Gum Disease and Periodontics? Contact Our Periodontal Office

Our goal is to help you keep your own natural teeth and to repair the damage caused by gum disease. Dr. Legunn helps patients prevent the progression of gum disease, and offers comprehensive care for more advanced cases.  Dr. Legunn is skilled at preventive gum therapy, non-surgical procedures, and surgical gum treatments.

If you are exhibiting signs of gum disease, or are concerned about your gum health, contact our Pleasantville, NY office today for more information on how we help you achieve improved oral health.