Visit Your Pleasantville Dental Implant Specialist, Kenneth Legunn, DMD

As a periodontist, Dr. Legunn’s goal is to help you keep your teeth. For some patients, however, their case of gum disease or tooth decay requires tooth extraction and replacement to keep their smile as healthy as possible.  As a restorative treatment option, dental implants are your best choice for oral function and aesthetics. For patients who need teeth extracted and replaced, Dr. Legunn offers implant treatment in Pleasantville, NY.

Dental Implant Placement

Dental implants are surgically placed, which is part of what makes them such strong restorations. The body of a dental implant is a small metal post, which naturally integrates with tissue after it’s placed and has had time to heal. This allows your replacement tooth, or teeth, to look and function more like your natural teeth.

Dental-Implants-in-Pleasantville-NY-10570As placing dental implants requires some gum surgery, Dr. Legunn is qualified to place your implants right in his periodontal office. This surgical process is more comfortable than most patients expect; patients who get single implants have the placement completed in less than an hour and can return to work the same day.

Your Options for Implant Treatment

Implants are capable of replacing a whole tooth, from root to crown, and can even be used to anchor dentures and bridges for comprehensive restorative care. For patients who are missing multiple teeth, or who need to have more than one tooth extracted, the posts of the dental implants can support a full or partial plate of dentures, or even a dental bridge.

Because implants are strong and permanent, your new teeth will be as well. Whether you need one tooth replaced, or several, Dr. Legunn offers implant treatment that can help. Dr. Legunn stands behind his approach to quality implant care and helps patients understand all of their options before moving forward with treatment.

Failing Implant? Not a Good Candidate for Treatment? We Can Help!

While dental implants are made to be sturdy, not all implant dentists are created equally. If you’ve had an implant placed elsewhere, and your treatment has failed, you have options for re-treatment. Our Pleasantville periodontal office provides repair for failing implants. If your implant is causing discomfort or has become problematic, Dr. Legunn takes care of problem implants to ensure your comfort and protect your oral health.

Even if you’ve been told that you’re not a good candidate for dental implants, you have options. We welcome patients that have been told they couldn’t get implants and help them find healthy solutions for implant care. We’re here for our patients and provide care that allows them to get the treatments they want and need to stay healthy and happy.

Your Implant Expert in Pleasantville

Dr. Legunn has been helping patients restore their oral health and function with dental implants for over 25 years. If you have missing teeth, or need teeth extracted and replaced, Dr. Legunn and his team are here to help. Contact our periodontal office today to learn more about getting dental implants.